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Cascading Test Matrices

The tests that occur on functional events vary based on the events themselves. If generic actions are used, it may be possible to include several functional events in the same matrix.

However, it is generally better to limit a matrix to a single functional event.

Including only one functional event on a matrix provides the following two advantages:

1• Tests can be customized for specific functional events.

2• Tests on the functional events can be the creation of new functional events which show a relationship between the events.

One functional event leading to the creation of another and leading to another will cause several matrices to be prepared. Properly prepared, they will demonstrate the cascading events illustrating how one event can create another event which can create yet another event.

An example of a cascading matrix is illustrated in the figure . This matrix is from an order entry billing system.

Click the picture for brooder view.

The first functional event is the order for a product placed by a customer. The type of actions that would occur on this is the initiation of the order, the acceptance of the order, the entry of the order, and the credit approval action.

That action creates a new functional event which is the formal approval of customer credit. The figure shows how the action in the first matrix cascades or points to the second matrix.

The tests for the functional event of approving credit involves such tasks as determining that the customer is an authorized customer, causing a decision about the customer’s credit.

If good action occurs, it creates a new functional event to ship a product. The figure shows how the action to ship a product creates a new functional event and a new matrix. This process would continue until the entire order entry billing application was complete.

In the creation of the test plan, IT people sometimes lose track of the interrelationship of functional events. The creation of the cascading test matrix reinforces the interrelationship of functional events and enables that aspect of systems to be better tested.

The coming post is regarding independent testing.

Life cycle testing
can be understood in detail here.

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