C Sharp Edge

The ability to build generic types and generic members. Using generics, you are able to build very efficient and type-safe code that defines numerous “placeholders” specified at the time you interact with the generic item.

Support for anonymous methods, which allow you to supply an inline function anywhere a delegate type is required.

Numerous simplifications to the delegate/event model, including covariance, contravariance,
and method group conversion.

The ability to define a single type across multiple code files (or if necessary, as an in-memory representation) using the partial keyword.

Support for strongly typed queries (a la LINQ, or Language Integrated Query) used to interact With various forms of data.

Support for anonymous types, which allow you to model the “shape” of a type rather than its behavior.

The ability to extend the functionality of an existing type using extension methods.

Inclusion of a lambda operator (=>), which even further simplifies working with .NET delegate types.

A new object initialization syntax, which allows you to set property values at the time of object creation .



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