Software Quality Factors

In defining the scope of testing, the risk factors become the basis or objective of testing. The objectives for many tests are associated with testing software quality factors. The software quality factors are attributes of the software that, if they are wanted and not present, pose a risk to the success of the software, and thus constitute a business risk.

For example, if the software is not easy to use, the resulting processing may be incorrect. The definition of the software quality factors and determining their priority enables the test process to be logically constructed.

When software quality factors are considered in the development of the test strategy, results from testing successfully meet your objectives.

The primary purpose of applying software quality factors in a software development program is to improve the quality of the software product. Rather than simply measuring, the concepts are based on achieving a positive influence on the product, to improve its development.

Identify Important Software Quality Factors

The following Figure illustrates the Diagram of Software Quality Factors .

The basic tool used to identify the important software quality factors is the Software Quality
Factor Survey form . The formal definitions of each of the eleven software quality factors are provided on that form.



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