Scope of Software Testing

The scope of testing is the extensiveness of the test process. A narrow scope may be limited to determining whether or not the software specifications were correctly implemented. The scope broadens as more responsibilities are assigned to software testers.

Among the broader scope of software testing are these responsibilities:

1 . Software testing can compensate for the fact that the software development process does not identify the true needs of the user, and thus test to determine whether or not the user’s needs have been met regardless of the specifications.

2 . Finding defects early in the software development process when they can be corrected at significantly less cost than detected later in the software development process.

3 . Removing defects of all types prior to software going into a production state when it is significantly cheaper than during operation.

4 . Identifying weaknesses in the software development process so that those processes can be improved and thus mature the software development process. Mature processes produce software more effectively and efficiently.

In defining the scope of software testing each IT organization must answer the question, “Why are we testing?




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