Intersystem Sopftware Testing Technique

Application systems are frequently interconnected to other application systems. The interconnection may be data coming into the system from another application, leaving for another application, or both. Frequently multiple applications, sometimes called cycles or functions are involved.

What are the objectives of inter system testing technique ?

Many problems exist in inter system testing. One is that it is difficult to find a single individual having jurisdiction over all of the systems below the level of senior management. In addition, the process is time-consuming and costly. The objectives of intersystem testing include:
  1. • Determine that proper parameters and data are correctly passed between applications
  2. • Ensure that proper coordination and timing of functions exists between the application systems
  3. • Determine that documentation for the involved systems is accurate and complete
How to Use Intersystem Testing ?

Intersystem testing involves the operation of multiple systems in the test. Thus, the cost may be expensive, especially if the systems have to be run through several iterations. The process is not difficult; in that files or data used by multiple systems are passed from one another to verify that they are acceptable and can be processed properly. However, the problem can be magnified during maintenance when two or more of the systems are undergoing internal changes concurrently.

One of the best testing tools for inter system testing is the integrated test facility. This permits testing to occur during a production environment and thus the coupling of systems can be tested at minimal cost.

What are the inter system test examples ?
  1. Developing a representative set of test transactions in one application for passage to another application for processing verification.
  2. Entering test transactions in a live production environment using the integrated test facility so that the test conditions can be passed from application to application to application, to verify that the processing is correct.
  3. Manually verifying that the documentation in the affected systems is updated based upon the new or changed parameters in the system being tested.
When to Use Intersystem Testing ?

Inter system testing should be conducted whenever there is a change in parameters between application systems. The extent and type of testing will depend on the risk associated with those parameters being erroneous. If the integrated test facility concept is used, the inter system parameters can be verified after the changed or new application is placed into production.(138)

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