1. Are all the dropdowns on this screen sorted correctly? Alphabetic sorting
is the default unless otherwise specified.

2. Is all date entry required in the correct format?

3. Have all pushbuttons on the screen been given appropriate Shortcut keys?

4. Do the Shortcut keys work correctly?

5. Have the menu options which apply to your screen got fast keys associated
and should they have?

6. Does the Tab Order specified on the screen go in sequence from Top Left
to bottom right? This is the default unless otherwise specified.

7. Are all read-only fields avoided in the TAB sequence?

8. Are all disabled fields avoided in the TAB sequence?

9. Can the cursor be placed in the microhelp text box by clicking on the text
box with the mouse?

10. Can the cursor be placed in read-only fields by clicking in the field with the

11. Is the cursor positioned in the first input field or control when the screen is

12. Is there a default button specified on the screen?

13. Does the default button work correctly?

14. When an error message occurs does the focus return to the field in error

when the user cancels it?

15. When the user Alt+Tab’s to another application does this have any impact
on the screen upon return to The application?

16. Do all the fields edit boxes indicate the number of characters they will hold
by there length? e.g. a 30 character field should be a lot longer


1. Is the data saved when the window is closed by double clicking on the
close box?

2. Check the maximum field lengths to ensure that there are no truncated

3. Where the database requires a value (other than null) then this should be
defaulted into fields. The user must either enter an alternative valid value
or leave the default value intact.

4. Check maximum and minimum field values for numeric fields?

5. If numeric fields accept negative values can these be stored correctly on
the database and does it make sense for the field to accept negative numbers?

6. If a set of radio buttons represent a fixed set of values such as A, B and C
then what happens if a blank value is retrieved from the database? (In some
situations rows can be created on the database by other functions which
are not screen based and thus the required initial values can be incorrect.)

7. If a particular set of data is saved to the database check that each value
gets saved fully to the database. i.e. Beware of truncation (of strings) and
rounding of numeric values.


1. Are the screen and field colours adjusted correctly for read-only mode?

2. Should a read-only mode be provided for this screen?

3. Are all fields and controls disabled in read-only mode?

4. Can the screen be accessed from the previous screen/menu/toolbar in read
only mode?

5. Can all screens available from this screen be accessed in read-only mode?

6. Check that no validation is performed in read-only mode.


1. Assure the existence of the "Help" menu.

2. Assure that the proper commands and options are in each menu.

3. Assure that all buttons on all tool bars have a corresponding key commands.

4. Assure that each menu command has an alternative(hot-key) key sequence which
will invoke it where appropriate.

5. In drop down list boxes, ensure that the names are not abbreviations / cut short

6. In drop down list boxes, assure that the list and each entry in the list can be
accessed via appropriate key / hot key combinations.

7. Ensure that duplicate hot keys do not exist on each screen

8. Ensure the proper usage of the escape key (which is to undo any changes that have
been made) and generates a caution message “Changes will be lost - Continue yes/no”

9. Assure that the cancel button functions the same as the escape key.

10. Assure that the Cancel button operates as a Close button when changes have be

made that cannot be undone.

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