13. What is SCM?

14. Difference between QA & QC

15. What is CMM /Six sigma and ISO

16. What reporting tools u r using?

17. What Testing methodology /Process u are using define them


a) Module testing

b) Integration

c) Regression

d) System

e) Smoke

f) Load

h) Stress

f) & h) is known as performance testing and remaining is functional testing and all are Black box testing

18) Difference between Stress and Load

19) Difference between alpha and beta

20) Why u r not suppose to do White box testing

21) What is Test Server, Define process of Project release?

22) Define Risk & root causal analysis (refer pressman)

23) What is Spiral model of testing (refer: pressman chapter 17)

24) Define S/W matrix

25) Automation Programming:

a) What is record and play?

b) When u will write the script (code)

c) Winrunner is using which language (ans.: TSL)

d) What is verification points/Check points (if ...else)

e) What is datapool?

f) Where u will write the functions

g) How webbase project testing is different from client-server

h) How many files Silk test is using?

i) For rational robot script is saved in which file.

j) When u should introduce Automation testing tools.

k) What is GUI Map in Winrunner?

l) How testing tools implement object oriented programming

m) What u will do if GUI changes for every version?

26) What is Sanity testing?

27) What is virtual user why it is necessary for performance testing?

28) What is Synchronization (Winrunner)

29) What is Link tester?

30) What is DDTS (distributed defect tracking system…rational robot)

31) What is clear case tool ...why it is used. (used for SCM activity)

32) What is website scan...its limitation (rational robot)

1.Why did you ever become involved in QA/testing?

2.What are the testing lifecycle and explain each of its phases?

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